We invite people into safe community experiences that activate their deepest inner development, their most authentic expression, and their most impactful service to others.


We envision a world where everyone has the opportunity and support to embody their highest potential.

About Us

Roots to Crown was founded to provide a space for the growing health-conscious community in St. Pete to gather, connect, practice, and celebrate life.

During the days you will find scheduled a wide variety of embodiment classes and workshops to help you tap in, tune in, and turn on. You will find various yoga and conscious movement classes, martial arts, ecstatic dance, meditation, breathwork, and so much more.

Similar to a yoga studio, you will find many of the same offerings, but with a creative twist. Catch a Kundalini class with glow paint, or a yoga class paired with a DJ guiding the journey with etheric beats, or join us for our Sunday Dance Church, offering a full gambit of healing modalities.

In the evenings and on weekends, Roots transforms into an eclectic sober nightlife hotspot some have been calling a "conscious nightclub." In line with our health-conscious roots, we're offering early shows and maintaining a drug & alcohol-free space. Many events will also be family-friendly.

Roots to Crown Mission 

We invite people into safe community experiences that activate their deepest inner development, their most authentic expression, and their most impactful service to others.

Roots to Crown Vision 

We envision a world where everyone feels safe, loved, and empowered in embodying their fullest 
expression and actualizing their greatest potential! 

Community Values 

  1.  Safe – We strive to create a safe container for all our members
  2.  Community – We aim to create a supportive community environment where we uplift each other
  3. Fun – We enjoy the process
  4. Expression – We encourage our members to fully express themselves and their truth
  5. Impact – We empower our members to take meaningful action and create positive impact in their own lives and the lives of others.

Roots to Crown Community Standards  

  • This is a safe place where you are free to express yourself in a myriad of ways so long as it 
    doesn’t infringe on the freedom, peace, or safety of others. It is of utmost importance for us to 
    maintain a sense of safety here, together. If you ever feel unsafe, threatened, or in danger in any 
    way, please speak to the space holders. 
  • This is a drug-free space. Please do not bring any illegal drugs into the space. Plant medicines 
    are allowed so long as they don’t infringe on other’s freedom, peace, or safety i.e. no smoking 
    cannabis or other herbs within the venue. All our events are alcohol-free unless otherwise 
  • Please respect each other and our property. Violent, threatening, or aggressive behavior or 
    speech will not be tolerated. Please respect other’s personal space and boundaries. If you notice 
    anything broken or damaged within the space, or you yourself damage something please report 
    it to the space holders. If you notice any sort of inappropriate behavior or any violation of these 
    community standards, please report it to the space holders. 
  • Please respect our environment. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. Please bring your own water bottle 
    and make an effort to reduce waste by reusing cups and containers. Place clean recyclables into 
    their appropriate receptacles. 
  • We respect the privacy of our community members. We will never share your personal 
    information with 3rd parties, except when required by law, such as with a legal investigation. We 
    also request that our community members respect each other's privacy and do not share 
    specific information shared in confidentiality. This helps maintain a sense of safety and 
    encourages vulnerability.
  • Consider leaving valuables in your car or at home. We do not take responsibility for lost or 
    stolen items. While most people here embody values of honesty and integrity, things do 
    occasionally go missing. You are responsible for your own belongings. 
  • Be respectful of others’ boundaries and practice getting energetic consent. If you are unsure if consent is present, ask. Many of our workshops and classes offer deep experiences of intimacy. 
    Please do not take these experiences personally.  
  • All our events are family-friendly unless otherwise noted. Please wear appropriate clothing and 
    be respectful of people of all ages and all walks of life.  
  • We believe in the integration of children and elders in our society and intend to be a model for 
    this. We allow children to be children and for adults to express their often-repressed 
    childlikeness. Please give each other the space and respect to explore expression, but also feel 
    free to speak up if things are getting out of hand. Our goal is to allow freedom of expression 
    while maintaining a sense of safety and respect between everyone. 
  • You are responsible for your own health and safety. Please communicate with your instructors 
    if you have any physical limitations and/or modify to your ability. By participating in our events, 
    you assume full responsibility of the risks, injuries, or damages that may occur. 
  • No Overnight stays are permitted. We are not able to accommodate overnight guests. 
  • The power of community is healing, transformative, and empowering. We believe it should be 
    accessible to anyone able to show up in a respectful, harmonious way. We offer many 
    donation-based and free events to ensure our space is accessible, but reciprocity is important. 
    If you are not a member, please make a donation within the suggested range for the event(s) 
    you attend and/or join our volunteer team. 
    Depending on the severity and number of offenses, violating these standards may result in being 
    asked to leave, temporary or permanent ban from the property and outside events, or legal 

Roots to Crown Children’s Code of Conduct​​

We ask that all parents help their children to understand and adhere to the children’s 
code of conduct. Please check in with your kids regularly and help to correct behavior 
that may be disruptive to the flow of events.​

  • We believe in having fun and expressing ourselves, but always in a safe and respectful way.
  • We ask that children respect each other, their personal space, and the property of the 
    community center. 
  • We care about the environment and encourage all children to reduce, reuse, and recycle. 
    It's important to respect others' boundaries and ask for consent before touching or playing with 
  • We encourage children to be kind, considerate, and helpful to one another. 
  • We expect children to use appropriate language and behavior, and avoid engaging in bullying, 
    name-calling, or teasing. 
  • Children should be mindful of the volume of their voices, and others’ personal space and not engage 
    in disruptive behavior, particularly during ceremonies or workshops.  
  • We promote honesty and expect children to take responsibility for their actions.
  • We encourage children to be inclusive and embrace differences in others. 
  • We ask children to report any unsafe behavior or incidents to a trusted adult.
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