Back to our Roots - Sober St. Patrick's Day Celebration




Join us on St. Patrick’s Day as "Anam Cara" or "Soul Friends" as we honor and celebrate the energy of divine love, the original desire of St. Patrick himself. Through our opening circle, we will bring love to the source within with breath work and meditative offerings from the Celtic School of Yoga, washing the body with hums and connecting with our source of creative power, the deep feminine. From there we will engage in the creation of a group poem that honors the Celtic connection with the natural world, sensory experience and poetry as a means to rediscover the sacred, a Celtic kind of Tantra. And then we will dance. Ananda Rose will lead an introductory course to the sevens and threes as we move in the rhythms of traditional Irish Step.
For the Dance, Dharmadrum is bringing Celtic vibes!
"For this event I'm going back to my roots. I'm Irish, Welsh and Italian. My Mother's side is very connected to our Celtic roots so I'm planning a fantastic set of Celtic dance music that focuses on our celebration of Spring. Traditionally we dedicated this time to the Goddess as we welcome the awakening after the sleep of winter as we prepare to slide into Beltane. I invite you all to join me for a night of celebration and praise as we enjoy the lush green of Spring."
Doors open: 9 pm
Workshop starts: 9:30 pm
DJ set starts: 10:30 pm
Pricing: Sliding Scale
$15 - $30; after 10:30pm $5-10
Crown Members: FREE
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