Cacao & Kirtan with Noah Proudfoot, Sema, & Bhaav Kirtan




Join us for this delightful and intimate evening connecting through cacao and kirtan with Noah Proudfoot, Sema, and Bhaav Kirtan band!
6:30 arrival
7pm Cacao ceremony
8pm Kirtan
9:30pm Closing/integration
10pm Cozy Campfire jams
Pricing: This gathering is offered on a sliding scale $22-$33
“We all come from different backgrounds and different religions, but the teachings of oneness and spiritual devotion have given us a profound purpose to bring this wisdom and light as far as we can, and above all, to continue learning and growing by sharing our musical journey with our audience and by welcoming guest musicians into our performances.” -Bhaav
About the Facilitators:
Noah Proudfoot
A staple in Asheville's transformational music scene- Noah Proudfoot has been sharing heartfelt music for over a decade. His soulful songs have reached listeners across the world- having performed at Tedx and alongside acts such as Matisyahu, Gone Gone Beyond, Satsang, and Yaima. Certified as a yoga and meditation teacher, he weaves his passion for inner exploration with a wide range of uplifting songs and mantras.
Follow on IG: @proudfootmusic
Sema is a devoted healer, space holder and a singer-songcatcher from Turkey.
Born and raised by the Aegean Sea, she has been traveling the world for the last 13 years collecting medicines. Her foundation is in traditional sound healing; she has a private practice in Asheville, NC where she facilitates cellular healing through sound and voice woven with many other healing modalities.
As well as a student and teacher of Yoga, she is a Drum Maker under the alias of Gravity’s Lullaby.
She teaches drum making workshops, offers ceremonies; and is passionate about medicines of the Earth, love and singing prayers.
Follow on IG: @gravityslullaby
Bhaav Kirtan
Bhaav is the spiritual attitude of immersing in thoughts of the Divine or higher Self.
Christine Ghezzo (vocals, harmonium), Steve Blom (electric guitar and vocals), Don Laurin (percussion and vocals), and Catherine Dana Costa (vocals, guitar, Native American flute, ukulele, and hurdy-gurdy) make up the core of Bhaav.
Together as Bhaav, they provide a multicultural musical menu that includes Indian Classical, Western folk, blues, jazz, and meditative improvisational music to many venues in the Tampa Bay Area.

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