Circular Breathwork




Breathwork: A guided journey deep into your inner conscience through your breath. This practice is an active meditation with circular breath which is used to cleanse your energy, free stuck emotions, open your heart and relax into a healing like no other. Connect with your inner child or invite in your higher power for a deeper connection. Come with your own intention of healing and find your inner path there via your own breath. Explore your inner Peace, Light, & Love!
Valerie Laughlin is a masters level mental health therapist who has worked with children, adults, couples, and families in all settings. Her goal is to break the trauma cycles in families. She has taken a holistic approach towards healing to include: breathwork, pranayama meditation, yoga nidra meditation, sound healing and spiritual guidance. Valerie can aid in connection with your inner child through inner child healing. Healing goes beyond coping. We all have the power within. Valerie is the key that helps you unlock the door to your inner, true self to provide healing that lasts.
Instagram: @holistic.hippie.vibes
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