Conscious Parenting Support Group




Conscious Parenting Support Group
Thursday 10:30-12:00
10:30-11:00 Gathering time
11:00-12:00 Container
First 5 classes by donation or buy a drink to support the space, after that classes will be at the regular class rate of $16.
About The Group:
Breaking patterns of intergenerational trauma can leave us feeling isolated and alone in need of the village that it takes to raise children. This group is an extension of the conscious community related to the topic of parenting. We welcome those currently raising tiny children, those wishing to strengthen their relationship with grown children, and especially those who are not parents but need being around loving parents to heal for their childhood. We will be focusing on secure attachment and what it means to be in presence. We are here to resource each other to be in a better presence no matter our external role, we all act as caregivers to our loved ones at some point in our lives.
Group Guidance:
We are focusing first on the empathic journey. Please put your cell phone away during the class session to be fully present. We understand if a family emergency prevents you from doing so and you still want to be present to receive community warmth during a difficult time.
Move your body! By god! We get so many knots and kinks. We are not going to be having a formal yoga class as part of each week, however, let’s not all sit still on cushions.
Advice pulls us out of connection with each other. Unsolicited advice raises cortisol levels and creates a sense of panic in all mammals. If you have a part wanting to give advice, internally take a moment to thank that part for its service and ask it if it can wait. Then reconnect into your essential self (higher self for some.) Wait until after the container is closed and ask that individual if they are willing to stay to hear what that part has to offer.
Reassurance slows empathic connection for some and stops it dead in its tracks for others. While some people need some reassurance. It is so tricky. Remember to ask for consent to make a reflection. Take a breath and reframe it from “I think you are a good dad…” a judgment statement into a feelings-needs “I see how much you love your child…”
In Nonviolent Communication, ‘good’ parents don’t exist. There will be no gold stars for screen time limits, water births, organic diets, not showing it when we are upset, etc. We are here to empathically support each other through our journeys, not impose parenting standards. We will celebrate our parenting highs and hold each other in our parenting lows as our empathetic selves.
Children are welcome in the space and welcome to contribute to the conversation or create their free play group next to us with materials the facilitator will provide.
About Facilitator:
Marcile Powers has been facilitating mothering groups and building villages in St. Pete since 2015. Marcile has over 100 hours of Nonviolent Communication facilitation, mediation, and parenting training. She is currently a candidate for Resonant Healing Certification under Sarah Peyton CNVC. Resonance Healing is Nonviolent Communication, specializing in empathic hearing, somatic resonance, trauma-informed support, and intergenerational trauma. She is a neurodivergent mother to two young neurodivergent children. She’s a published poet and internationally showcased artist.
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