Dragon Flow




Dragon flow is the creation of fire keeper Alex Arriaza and is at the core of the fire dancing martial arts he practices. It is a non violent, self-development practice and it is the combination of multiple breath/energy/movement practices in a way that provides a broad toolset to work with our energy and bodies.
It incorporates moves and philosophies from qi gong, Tai chi, kriya pranayama, Tae kwon do, kung fu, capoeira, hapkido, muay thai and dancing.
This style works to envigorate our balance, sense of discipline, strength, flexibility and our spirit by harnessing the power of breath and movement to cultivate life force within ourselves.
Some of the exercises can help us to calm down and ground, while others are meant to enliven and raise our energy.
Overall, this practice will provide an awareness of the quality and levels of our energy and assist in adjusting them to optimum levels, while providing a safe space to get in touch with our bodies and express any pent up energy.
This is part of the magical teachings of the sacred fire of the sacred heart that have been passed down through the ages.
After 10 years of cultivating and integrating these techniques, Alex is very excited to share them with all those that seek the path of the dragon.
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