Drum Workshop | Master Drummer Papa Malick




Drum workshop with Master Drummer Papa Malick Faye
Malick Faye comes from a lineage of drummers that dates back over 900 years to his native Senegal, Africa. Malick knows over 2,000 different rhythms on the drum and each one speaks to his knowledge of Africa. He shares in depth, the history and purpose of the drum through story about his native home in Africa. In 2001 Malick relocated to Florida to work with Dundu Dole’ African Urban Ballet and the Kuumba African Dancers and Drummers.
Workshop 7:30 pm - 8:30 pm
Non members: $20
RTC Members: $10
Stick around after for a Drum Circle!
To help support Roots, please either buy at least 1 drink from our botanical tea bar or make a $5 donation.
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