Ecstatic Breathwork




In this class we begin by setting intentions, grounding ourselves in the present moment, and aligning with our deepest desires for healing and transformation. Through this guided diaphragmatic breath work session we’ll learn to unlock the power of the breath to release tension, cultivate inner peace, and tap into the boundless wellspring of our own ecstatic nature.

Come Dive into the rhythmic flow of your breath, exploring its transformative potential as it carries you into states of blissful surrender and profound insight.

Pricing: $16 drop-in
Free for members

Roots to Crown

Roots to Crown is a heart-centered space that invites participants into creative expression by fostering a safe, supportive environment that encourages growth-edge expansion.

We envision a world where everyone has the opportunity, support, and love to embody their most aligned self.

We are located at:
1741 1st Ave N
St. Petersburg

All of our events are 100% sober unless otherwise noted. Alchohol and illegal drugs are not permitted on the premises.

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