Ecstatic Dance | Liquid Bloom




For this Dance Journey, we’re taking it up a few notches with a deeply intentional and sacred cacao ceremony by Mateo of Holy Wow Cacao, ecstatic dance by LIQUID BLOOM, and closing out with a potent Refuge Breathwork journey led by Fabiano Mannino! We intend to provide the conditions for a profoundly transformational experience through this journey of deep embodiment, bliss, joy, and freedom.
Event Flow
6 pm Doors Open
7 pm Cacao Ceremony by Holy Wow Cacao
7:45 pm Ecstatic Dance with Tanner Roan & LIQUID BLOOM
9:15 pm Breathwork journey led by Fabiano Mannino & LIQUID BLOOM
10:15 pm Integration
LIQUID BLOOM is a collaborative music project spearheaded by producer Amani Friend of Desert Dwellers. The project blends downtempo, ambient, world, and psychedelic elements to create a mesmerizing sound that is both meditative and energizing. Liquid Bloom has worked with artists from around the world such as Poranguí, Deya Dova, and Mose, drawing inspiration from nature and the power of music to heal and inspire. The project's unique and uplifting sound has gained a dedicated following internationally, and is a must-see for fans of electronic and world music alike. Whether performing live or in the studio, Liquid Bloom strives to create a sonic prayer for healing and transformation, infusing each track with magic and wonder.
Tanner Roan is the founder of Ecstatic Dance St. Pete (2018) and Roots to Crown (2022). With a commitment to maximizing positive impact, he has launched several businesses and community projects for the public good. Tanner is an accomplished writer, designer, and dedicated freediver. Tanner currently facilitates ecstatic dance every Thursday at Roots to Crown and operates the space.
This experience is closed container and limited to 75 people. Please arrive on time in order to enjoy the full experience!
Tier 1: $108
Tier 2: $129
Tier 3: $144
Roots to Crown Members: $65
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