Electric Love n Light Flow




Join us on the 4th Tuesday of every month for this electrifying and unique all-levels vinyasa class… to electronic chill-out tunes. Let’s drop the stress, annoyances, traffic, and boring work meetings to refresh and rejuvenate for the month ahead.
This class will start with gentle hip and torso openers to open, relax, and ground into our lower chakras. Any student, at any level, will find these subtle movements to be simple, yet profound. Deep within our core, we plant a new seed of life, and love for ourselves. After we return to our primal elements (and our intention) we will enliven our bodies with soothing electronic music and a fun, non-traditional, and vibrant vinyasa flow. This class can be modified to be easy and relaxing, or slightly more challenging and opening. You may even dance if you feel like it. Our goal is simple: relax, rejuvenate, and feel energized.
Nikhil Jay’s spiritual journeys began in early childhood, when he would venture into wooded areas, by himself. Here, he sat in silence and imbibed the sounds and smells of the moss and trees and flowers… and the squirrels and birds and bees. These solo expeditions often lasted for hours, and occasionally a grasshopper or tadpole became Nikhil’s newly adopted pet.
Today, Nikhil follows a disciplined yoga and meditation practice and loves sharing these gifts with everyone. Other holistic therapies that Nikhil has enjoyed include breathwork, Vipassana retreats (10 days in silence), sweat lodge ceremonies, and plant medicine circles.
Nikhil Jay is a certified yoga instructor, having completed a 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training at Yogi Hari’s Ashram in Miramar, FL. He found this to be a very immersive experience, as it involved living at an ashram. Trainees ate vegan meals twice daily, as well as followed a disciplined yoga and meditation practice (which began before sunrise). The philosophies and history of yoga were also deeply covered. Nikhil believes that yoga is not only practiced on the mat, but in each moment throughout the day, with each breath we take, with each word we speak.
Pricing: $16 Drop-in
Members: Free
Pay What You Can Option - if you're not able to cover the cost of the class, we offer this option for you to pay any amount you're able to.
Roots to Crown
Roots to Crown is a transformational event venue and community center offering space for the growing health-conscious community to gather, connect, practice, and celebrate life.
We envision a world where everyone feels safe, loved and supported in embodying their fullest expression and actualizing their greatest potential.
We are located at:
1741 1st Ave N
St. Petersburg
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