Flow Bodywork Saturdays




Body work is much more than working the body on a physical level. It is working ALL the bodies: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. During our time together, you will learn to connect within your own being, and interweave your energy with another through bodywork and massage.
We will be clothed and covered the entire time. We will be creating a sacred safe space where everyone can fully relax and open on a deep level. Connecting with our partners, through connection exercises so that we are fully comfortable with one another and trust our partner so we can open fully.
Nadeiya will be demonstrate and then each couple will then practice on their partner. After the sequence is complete, we will cleanse the energy, and switch partners. We will close with a final grounding practice calling our our energy back to Self.
Non-members: $35pp
Members: $25pp
You may pay at the door or sign up through our website.
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