Free the Voice




Come and join Corey as we explore the art of authentic relating with a blend of vocal activation. We will come together and experience different connective exercises that will help us tune in to our heart and our voice. In this workshop, you can expect to experience vulnerability around being both seen and heard in a safe container. Get ready for deep connection to your heart and throat and to move through any blocks around opening those chakra points.
Corey is a traveling artist, multi-instrumentalist, spaceholder & lover of life, who’s focus is to uplift the human experience. Through ceremony and prayer, he has cultivated a deep connection to Spirit. Corey is inspired by creating/co-creating safe containers for people to come and tap into their own well spring of wisdom. Today, he is devoted to sharing teachings around authentic relating as well as vocal empowerment circles. His passion for bridging and offering these two modalities has taken him through different communities across North and Central America.
Pricing: $25
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