kirtan with friends




Come as you are, All are welcome.
Our Intention is Harmony & Ahimsa.
This is Pure, Synchronization of the Vibration of “Freedom” “Healing” “Appreciation” “Respect” “No Harm” “Empowerment” “Bliss” & “Fun!”
When we Tune into Higher Frequencies & join our Vibrations together, We Amplify these Powerful Intentions causing them to Ripple out through Space & Time. {(((0))))}
We are Creating our Presence & Future Together through our Vibrations.
What are we speaking & singing into Existence?
What story do we want to tell our future children? What New Memories are we calling in?
We are the Instrument & the Receiver.
This is your opportunity to share space, to give praise, to petition, to practice vulnerability, to increase social strength, to Celebrate Life, to let go of what’s holding you back from Being in your Fullest Expression, to Embody Love for yourSelf & your Neighbor & to Simply Feel Great from your Root to your Crown!
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