Kuhn Fu




Kung Fu classes offering pure and authentic 8-Step Praying Mantis Kung Fu and Wu Style Tai Chi Chuan. These classes are taught by Shifu Shuyn Di Long, a 6th-generation lineage holder.

The 8-Step Praying Mantis system, highly respected in China, includes techniques like kicking, punching, throwing, pressure points, and joint locking. Students can look forward to benefits such as self-confidence, better health, discipline, concentration, fitness, and self-defense.

Tai Chi Chuan, known as China's #1 form of exercise, focuses on the mind-body connection, offering benefits in health, fitness, flexibility, stress reduction, inner peace, and longevity.

$25 drop-in
$15 members

First 2 classes are free! (no need to reserve a spot at this time, just show up!)

Roots to Crown

Roots to Crown is a transformational event venue and community center offering space for the growing health-conscious community to gather, connect, practice, and celebrate life.

We envision a world where everyone feels safe, loved and supported in embodying their fullest expression and actualizing their greatest potential.

We are located at:
1741 1st Ave N
St. Petersburg

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