Leap Forward in Love Celebrating Leap Day




2/29 is Leap Day! How fun!
A day that occurs once every 4 years so that our seasons aren’t pushed way off mark. This extra time- this energy portal of sorts- offers us an opportunity for growth, transformation, team work & good fortune!
Venture into Women's History Month with this badass collab of Ladies and make sure our beloved Roots to Crown keeps their doors open.
Leap Day has beautiful symbolism and I am so excited to share in the evening with Ananda Blisslife, Cassandra Lynn & Jenna Denèe.
We will be helping to close out the final leg of the Winter Fundraising at @rootstocrown.space
@shewxlfmusic will be guiding us through an Ecstatic Dance and then we will come together in song & breath & FINAL DONATIONS.
Get your tickets for EDance:
Songs are going to be focused around love and they will mostly be ones that you know!
Come share your heart and voice and breath with us as we cultivate beautiful, collaborative energy to charge each other up for the rest of this Leap Year!
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