Lighthouse Men's sharing circle




This is in invitation.
An invitation to come back to your own light, to your own self, to your own truth.
An invitation to join a group of brothers on their journey back to their power.
An invitation to come back to the one and only moment: Now.
Because when you bring your light on your shadows, it sparkles to your brothers,
Because when you express what's truly alive within in you it resonates with your brothers,
Because when you show the courage to go to your depths you realize that you're not alone in this anymore.
The time of the lonely voyageur sailing through oceans and storms is long gone.
No matter who you are, or where you are on your journey, come bring your light to the Lighthouse.
Bring yourself and your own unscented candle with you, this will be your way to bring your fire to the Lighthouse.
In order to honor the sacred space that represents a sharing circle, note that we will be closing the doors at 9:15 and we will not be accepting any other brothers passed that time.
This circle is offered on a donation basis, donations go to help support Roots to Crown. Suggested Donation: $10.
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