Lion's Gate




For Lionsgate (8/8/23) this year we're taking 5 actions to manifest greatness in our lives during this potent portal. We'll be utilizing 5 practices to manifest our most potent desirest ~ Ceremony, Breath, Movement, Sound, and Ecstasis experienced through a cacao ceremony, breathwork, a self-love movement practice, a sound journey, and closing out with an ecstatic jam!
You won't want to miss this one! & It's donation based!
Starts at 8pm (may arrive as early as 7pm)
5 actions will conclude by 11pm, with time to extend the ecstatic jam as long as desired.
This event is part of our Fundraising efforts for August ~ We're aiming to raise $10k to keep our dream alive and thriving by 8/31. (We need to hit a minimum of $5.5k to stay afloat).
Current amount raised: $306
8/8 Lionsgate
8/19 Full day event full of workshops, live music, vendors, & more
Contact Tanner Roan to get involved - event page and detaisl will be announced soon!
8/31 Final fundraising event, Raffle winners announced, live music, ecstatic dance, and more.
You can also contribute to our Gofundme
[ currently paused - link will be here shortly ]
or Directly via:
venmo @dancelove
cash app $Rootstocrown
(zelle and paypal by request)
Raffle will be launced 8/7
[ link will be here]
Another great way to support is by becoming a member! For August only, first month is just $49, afterwards $99/mo
It includes 60+ offerings per month - all ecstatic dances, all our paid classes, supports all donation based offerings, offers discounted member pricing for most special events and workshops, and 15% discount on all merch and drinks!
Thank you all so much for contributing to this beautiful community!
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