Manifesting Breathwork Playshop




In this playshop, we will connect to our desires and what we want to call into our life. We will connect to the feeling and the being of having what we want, and we will get to play in this space with each other to amplify the energy and shift onto the frequency of all of those desires!
We will find movement to fully embody this frequency, and we will use the breath through pranayama practices as well as a conscious connected breath to shift into new ways of thinking and to release resistance. This is where we fully allow those desires to flow in. The breathwork will help us to anchor in what we want to manifest. After the breathwork we will have space for integration of the experience.
We are Creators of our lives! We can choose to live on autopilot and just accept what is thrown our way, or we can consciously create the path forward. This playshop is meant to empower you to become that Conscious Creator by giving you tools to utilize and use everyday, and watch how as you change your energy, your life begins to shift!
About the Facilitator
Lindsay Davis is a Breathwork Facilitator, Yoga Instructor, Podcaster (Luminous Human School Podcast), Reiki Practitioner and Health Coach. She has studied for many years in the holistic health field and on topics related to mind, body and spirit. Her intention in her class offerings is to empower people to live their lives with a sense of freedom, love, and joy.
$40 for one person
$60 for two - bring a friend!
Time and Date: Sunday March 26th 2:30pm-4:30pm
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