Meaningful Messages with Evidential Psychic Medium Connie Fusella




Demonstration with Evidential Psychic Medium Connie Fusella
Saturday - September 02, 2023 at 5:00 PM
Have you ever wondered if your loved ones on the other side are OK? Do you wish you had the chance to hear from them again? Don't miss this opportunity to see Certified Evidential Psychic Medium Connie Fusella as she connects with your loved ones in Spirit bringing forth messages of love, healing and closure. Connie is one of 27 Mediums that have been certified by the Forever Family Foundation (www.foreverfamilyfoundation. org) which is featured on the Netflix series "Surviving Death'. You can expect her to relay specific details from your loved ones in Spirit including names, cause of passing, significant months, physical descriptions, what they see since they have passed, who is with them, pets that are with them and much more.
Connie's clientele is worldwide and services include personal readings, group sessions, events, fundraisers, grief retreats, etc. She is featured in the book She Shines' as the "Psychic Next Door" and has provided on air live readings for Signs of Life Radio. Visit to learn more about her spiritual journey.
Tickets: $45
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