Nordic Ice Bath




Are you ready to push your limits and unlock the full potential of your mind and body? Join us for an invigorating session that combines the power of breathwork and the courage of ice bathing. We'll start by guiding you through 20 minutes of coherent breathing, designed to increase your oxygen capacity and awaken your senses. Then, we'll come together as a group to take a dip in a refreshing ice bath, pushing ourselves to new heights of physiological strength and fortitude. Are you ready for the challenge? Join us every Saturday at 11 am for the ultimate mind-body workout.
About the Facilitator
Jasiah "Jaz" Jireh is a Breathwork and Ice Bath Facilitator with a passion for promoting the benefits of cold therapy. He was first introduced to the practice in 2019 by a friend and colleague and has since made it a daily regimen. Jaz was born and raised in Sacramento, California where he learned the disciplines of his grandfather, a 22-year Air Force veteran. His life motto is "Learn to Acquire, Live to Inspire." In addition to his work as a facilitator, Jaz enjoys yoga, rock climbing, and electric unicycling. You can follow him on Instagram at @jazzziiah.
For March only: $10 drop-in
$30 membership (must be paid in person on 3/4)
Price: $16 drop-in | $44 Monthly
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