Part 1 : Soul Creative & lavender Fields




Roots to Crown Presents:

Lavender Fields!


Intimate setting flute & chanting and painting experience with Lavender Fields and Madhava Das.

This will be a two part event!

This ticket is for Part 1!

Tickets to each portion of the event will be sold separately.

Part 1:

2:00pm - 5:00pm

**Limited seating

Soul Creative:

A collaboration with Lavender Fields and Kriya Yogi & Sacred Art painter Madhava Das.

Lavender Fields will be blessing us with the bonsuri flute and sacred chanting along with the sound healing energy of Melania Mersades and guided meditation and art work of Kriya Yogi and sacred art painter Madhava Das. This meditation, sound bath experience + painting workshop is designed to unveil our Divinity through Sacred Art and to tap into our spiritual inheritance: The eternal flow of Divine creativity. We embark on a transformative journey that harmonizes meditation, breath, live music and creative expression. Our mission is to rekindle the artist within every soul, breaking down barriers of self-doubt. Through guided sessions, we intertwine the profound wisdom of ancient symbols and imagery, igniting a connection to our inherent divinity. As you paint upon canvases adorned with sacred designs, the fusion of serene melodies and sacred teachings will free your creative essence. Join us in a space where overthinking dissipates, and the authentic river of creativity flows boundlessly."

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