Past-Life Regression Workshop




Join Lora Hypnosis at Roots to Crown as she guides you on a self-awareness journey through your own past-lives.
This workshop will demonstrate how hypnosis can help you access your past-life memories and what valuable life-lessons your spirit intended to learn from these experiences.

Lora will explain how hypnosis works and what you can access within yourself when utilizing hypnosis. She will then facilitate group hypnosis for you to comfortably explore your past-life memories. Following that, the group will have the opportunity to open up and share their perspectives and experiences to further enhance connections, realizations, and awareness along with the other participants. If you do not wish to share, that is totally fine, but there are often deeper connections and realizations made when we share our experiences with one another. Opening up within the group can certainly help grow beautiful bonds with these individuals and provide you with a new sense of spiritual awareness in a safe contained space.
Let's explore what you have simply forgotten and wake up to your higher purpose.

About Lora Humphrey
Lora is a certified hypnotist, Clairvoyant, and Intuitive empath. She has been developing her spiritual, psychic, and healing practices for over 15 years. Lora shares her knowledge and skills to help show how alternative methods can help bring clarity and empowerment to anyone interested in working with their own subconscious mind and higher-self.


Pricing: $25



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