Pleasure Alchemy




“This has been my favorite day of 2022.” ~ Participant at our first Pleasure Alchemy in December

******************* EVENT FLOW*******************

1:11pm ~ Opening Circle by Regina1:30pm ~ Sovereignty Exercises led by Myco2:00 ~ Pleasure Buffet led by Regina

*******************************OUR WHY FOR THIS EVENT*******************************

There’s so much info out there, but how often do we get to practice in community?People underestimate how much can shift in a group space when we have safety, awareness, and the power of intention.In this playshop, you will have the opportunity to...

•Drop into your body and access a deep inner wisdom around what needs to transform in your life

•Open your channel to receive nourishment

•Express yourself in a group container that welcomes your rawness and vulnerability

•Connect with others authentically

•And experience Platonic Pleasure... for healing’s sake

*******************************WTF IS PLEASURE BUFFET?*******************************

The Pleasure Buffet is a structured group experience where you are guided in how to ask for, and receive, what you want in the moment.Some things you could ask for include:

•Group massage

•Being sung nursery rhymes

•Being physically held

•Hearing appreciations

•Emotional spaceholding

Eye gazing

** This is a PG-13 rated event, no nudity or sexual activity **

****************************************WHY ARE WE INCLUDING SOVEREIGNTY?****************************************

We include a consent portion so that everyone feels truly safe.We can only feel safe to receive if we know that our boundaries will be respected, AND if we know how to ask for what we want, without being afraid, and without the other person feeling pressured to say yes!The consent workshop will help us all practice our skills in asking for what we want, saying yes to what we want, and saying no to what we don't want.

********************* REGISTRATION*********************

$33 advance registration (ends 1/28)$44 day of registrationVenmo:@MycoFocal


Have you been going through it recently, or feel like you have extra love to give?Being in a group can offer tremendous possibilities for shared resonance & unexpected healing. Let's show up and watch what magic unfolds as we soften into a space of receiving.

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