Roots to crown community fundraiser




Join us for our Winter Fundraiser at Roots!
A Full-day experience put on by the Roots to Crown Community to support our collective healing journies & raise some much-needed financial support for Roots (see more info at the bottom).

3 pm Opening Ceremony and Cacao blessing by Seva & Camila Condor of Medicine Wombyn Cacao
4:30 pm Creative Speaking with Tyler Henkel
4:30 pm Kundalini Yoga & Gong with Ananda Blisslife
6:00pm Kirtan with Friends led by Jenna Denee
7:30pm Special Soul Shine Open Mic + Showcase, hosted by Rae Provenzano

There is no upfront cost for this event! Part of our mission is making these powerfully healing practices and community gatherings as accessible as possible, but for those of you with the means to support, we encourage making a $20+ donation to help support our Fundraiser.

Additionally, we have a silent auction where you can bid on a plethora of items and services all donated by our community members.

Vending is available for no upfront cost - we just ask for some % of proceeds to be commited to our fundraiser. Contact Ghazal Masood to get on the list.

Thank you all for the support! Infinite Love & Gratitude.

- Seva Mudita

About Roots to Crown & Our Fundraiser

Roots to Crown emerged from the heart and vision of Seva Mudita (Tanner Roan) on the auspicious day of 1/1/2022, marking the birth of a sanctuary dedicated to nurturing safe community experiences. This haven is designed to ignite profound inner transformation, foster unbridled authentic expression, and catalyze meaningful service to humanity.

Driven by years of leading ecstatic dance, practicing and sharing Kundalini Yoga, crafting personal development workshops, building community, and delving into a vast array of healing practices, Seva was empowered to serve by creating a communal space. This space would not only embrace but also elevate the ever-growing and evolving gatherings that foster connection and healing.

Battling through the challenges of depression, social anxiety, ADHD, and other hurdles, Seva discovered a profound source of healing within the embrace of a conscious community. This personal journey of transformation ignited a fiery commitment to extend these life-changing modalities to more souls in St. Pete and beyond. Animated by a dream of a world where every individual is empowered to realize their fullest potential, Seva is now passionately working to expand Roots to Crown. By building its foundation and pioneering a nonprofit arm, the aim is to extend the reach of our community, bringing transformative events to underserved areas and offering greater access to these life-enriching experiences.

As we endeavor to weave this tapestry of transformation, we find ourselves at a pivotal moment. Facing operational challenges and an impending tax bill during a slower phase in our journey, we humbly seek the support of our community. Our goal is to raise $8,000 by the end of February, a step that will greatly alleviate our current financial pressures.

This is a call to action for all who believe in the power of community, healing, and personal growth. Together, we can uplift and expand the reach of Roots to Crown, ensuring that this beacon of hope and transformation continues to shine brightly for all. Join us in this heart-centered mission to make a lasting impact, one soul at a time.

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