Sound Alchemy & Cacao Ceremony




A musical journey that supports healing, personal growth, and connection. Sound Alchemy sessions with Nina Marie include a Gong Bath, Rav drum, Buffalo Drum, Native American Flutes, Chimes, Crystal Singing Bowls, Rainsticks, Ocean drum, Djembe, and other soothing instruments to support mind, body, and spirit wellness.
Brainwave entrainment is when the frequencies of the instruments bring the mind into a meditative state: alpha or theta. In a meditative state, we can completely relax the body and arrive in a state of presence and awareness, for what is necessary to come up for healing from deep within the subconscious. Our emotions can be stored deep within our cells and they build up over time creating disease. Meditation allows us to meet ourselves within to acknowledge, release, and transform these stored energies. Frequency healing clears stored emotions so we may arrive in alignment and empowerment to live from our true selves.
We will be participating in a Cacao ceremony blessed with Reiki intention, breathwork, and guided meditation for heart healing. Cacao is a healing drink for the mind, body, and spirit to support the activation of the heart and third eye chakra. As we awaken and learn to live from our hearts, we create a better world of peace and harmony. Our featured cacao is produced sustainably and locally by Western herbalist Sara Ratza of Ratza chocolate, in the heart of Tarpon Springs.
This will be a safe and sacred space for intentional healing, and to allow anything within that needs to be acknowledged to be released with love.
The class will end with a sharing circle where everyone has the opportunity to discuss their intention and their experience after the meditation. Sharing is not mandatory, it is merely an opportunity for the community to come together.
You are safe in your vulnerability. You are loved.
"It is through love, that all pain turns to medicine."-Rumi
Price: $35
Presale tickets will be available within the next week, when we lauch our new website for
Tickets will also be sold at the door.

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