Sound Healing with Kennedy Oneself




The Symphony of Serenity

Sound Healing

with Kennedy Oneself

A profoundly potent symphonic orchestration of acoustic vibration that guides the listener to the inner stillness where lasting peace resides.

Participants in this voyage through vibration simply lay down and relax. This absolutely incredible sound journey will instill a remarkable tranquility that lingers long after the last sound.

When: February 13th from 8 to 9:30 pm

Where: Roots to Crown

Price: $35 Drop-in

Members: $20

Tickets may be purchased in person or online:

To listen to the discography, watch music videos & Learn more, visit:


Roots to Crown


Roots to Crown is a transformation event venue and community center offering space for the growing health-conscious community to gather, connect, practice, and celebrate life.

We envision a world where everyone has the opportunity and support to embody their greatest potential!

We are located at:

1741 1st Ave N

St. Petersburg

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