Steel Mace Flow




Steel Mace Flow is the practice of Holding the Mace (Gada). And unfolding the natural rhythmic pathways of the body through circular movements. As Gadacharya - an instructor in the mace. I teach Flow through the practice of authentic movement. To Hold and to deeply Listen . While refining the basics of body (kaya), rhythmic movement (sama-sthiti), Holding a practice (Ghati), and a Process-oriented approach (Kriya).

Please bring your own mace if you have one. There are 7 maces provided for student use, first come, first serve.

Led by Sajan Melcher

Certified Mace Instructor (Gadacharya)

Certified Breath-coach

Martial artist

Authentic Movement Practitioner

Lineage-Holder of the Nidya Khajor

(The Union of the Sun and Moon)



Steel Mace Flow Basics


$20 Drop-in

Free for members

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