Tantra Labs: Connection Games




A night for conscious connections, in other words, connections from the heart and soul.


A night to connect with our exquisite bodies, hearts, and other people.


If you are ready to connect even more deeply with yourself, this experience is for you.


If you are ready to learn how to connect with other people safely, this experience is for you too.


If you are ready to connect with others on the same alchemical journey as you and build community, this experience is also for you.


If you are ready to meet people heart-to-heart and make friends, this experience is for you.


Our night will start with basic tantric practices to connect with our bodies, led by a shamanic movement meditation to connect with our hearts. We will play energetic tantric games throughout the night to connect with other people.


A playful and fun experience designed for Heartfelt Connections.


A safe and comfortable experience for singles and couples new to Tantra.


Imagine how much fun is available when connecting from the heart.


Tantra Lab is a living laboratory where we create energetic and sensory experiences for participants to learn the various practices Tantra offers.

About the Facilitator:


Lucia Gabriela is a trauma-informed Relationship and Intimacy Coach, Emotional Somatic Therapist, Founder of the Sacred Love Temple and Saraota Dark Temple, and Producer of the Sol y Luna Tantric Shamanic Festival, the first festival/retreat of its kind in the state of Florida.


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