Tantra Speed date mix & mingle




Join us on this powerful evening for our Full Moon Sound Healing Experience.
Our local collective of talented Sound Healers have come together to create one amazing night full of intentional creations and magick.
Reserve your ticket now! Spots are limited!
As we begin to gather and settle into the space, we will open up the circle with an Opening Ceremony where we will be given an astrological forecast by Luna Lavender as we begin to create Moon Water. We will be using blue glass bottles that we will fill with Living Water provided by Camila Condor. We will infuse our intentions into the water to “water” our “seeds of intention” that we’re planting for this Aries Harvest Moon. These bottles of Moon Water are our gift to you to take home and set out under the Full Moon for your own personal ritual!
As we’re finishing filling our cups, we will flow into embodied movements and breathwork to activate and align our Chakras to prepare to receive the Sound Healing Experience. Get ready for existential bliss as Luna Lavender, Jenna Denee, Bhakti Beats, & Nick Cicchella collaborate for an exceptional Sound Healing Experience you’ll never forget!
As the Sound Healing comes to a close, and we welcome you back into this realm, we will move into our Release Ritual. This is where we will write down what we are releasing this cycle to make room to receive all the blessings coming during this next phase of our lives. We will then take our writings to the fire where we will burn and release them.
As we finalize our evening together, we will gather and share what’s on our hearts whatever is ready to be heard, felt, and witnessed during our closing Ceremony. Stay and share a Cacao Elixir, Botanical Tea, or Kombucha on tap with old (and new!) friends afterwards to keep the vibes flowing.
Stay tuned for updates and news regarding special guests that may be joining our gathering!
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