Tantric Yoga




Tantra yoga - Juicy awakening nude yoga flow
This is a 90 minute vinyasa-style Au natural ( clothing optional ) yoga class for all levels (beginner to advanced). We welcome all body types.
The class opens with some grounding, education on Tantra , slow breathe work exercises . moves into some flow and concludes with floor-based stretches. The class is about honoring your body where it is at on that day. Wherever you are at on your yoga journey is what we will work with and honor in each class.
Our Tantra yoga teachers for the evening is Francis who will guide you through practice and is there to make sure we find ways to honor your body and strike a balance between over exertion and not being challenged enough. For each student this may look slightly different.
This is a combination of education, intention, create, movement that will be fun and stimulating for all levels to experience full body movements of the energy centers opening up ( Chakras) and a feeling of clearing and bliss for the body-mind- spirit connection ..
Do I need to have yoga experience or skills already?
No tantra or yogic experience is necessary. Francis does an assessment of the skill level at the beginning of each class and makes sure beginners have extra attention. All yoga practitioners are encouraged to listen and sometimes watch in order to learn. Ultimately trusting your own body is key. From beginner to more seasoned yogi, if you ever get tired or need a break, you are encouraged to just rest on your mat until you’re ready to begin again.
What type of people attend your class?
We get a diverse group of singes, and couples of all sexual orientation ranging in age from twenties to sixties. While some of our regular attendees are dedicated yogis, we take pride in welcoming and celebrating all human bodies. Every body is a yogi body. Whether you work out regularly or this is your first time moving in a while, you are welcome to join. We have all shapes, all sizes, and all ability levels in class. All humans are welcome.
How many attend your class?
We usually get 16-24 folks per class
Do I need to be naked? ( at choice)
This is a nude ( clothing optional ) yoga class, so everyone is asked to be as close too naked as you are open to be . If you feel a little shy or apprehensive about joining, that is normal. We get a good group of friendly and welcoming folks you’ll be in a supportive community. If you need to take time by practicing at first in underwear and working your way through the class to full nudity, that is allowed as well.
What should I bring?
Since it’s a nude yoga class, you don’t need to bring much.
• Mats are not provided in the studio. Please bring your own mat and towel. cusion to sit on .
• You can bring a water bottle , and water
• there is a bathroom , no showers at this studio .. there is street parking in this neighborhood. several parking garages within blocks as well . urber is best if you are living in the city ..
For many of us it’s natural to have feelings of arousal or erotic energy, this is a safe space of no judegment, and stay on your own matt and energy . creating safety for all to enjoy the class is very important . No unwelcome conversations or touch is allowed in class.
Francis T Bio
Francis has been a daily practitioner of yoga since early 2000, he has attained 500 hours of hot yoga training, 15 years of Tantra training he is a graduate of the ISTA Tantra school ( International school of Temple arts ) Tantra yoga has been truly transformational for him physically and beyond. It has helped him manage lifes many twists and curves , find faith in himself, and experience a true balance in life. The practice of Tantra yoga is based on 5000 years of old world traditions, this allows us to go deep within our bodies to connect our souls with divine source energy. Tantra has the teaching of yoga masters that has been passed down from teacher to student with intention, breathe, sound and movement .
We are honored to lead you on your elevated journey..
Francis T Tantra Daka
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