Thai Massage Playshop




A mastermind/ playshop event for body workers who want to deepen their knowledge of clinically effective modalities and learn techniques for common complaints.

We will be enjoying a method called Coaching The Body, a fusion flow sequence of Thai massage, trigger point therapy, and resistance stretching to achieve the maximum benefit with the minimum dose. Similar to yoga, you will learn to move gracefully and experience bodywork as a dance of breath, energy, and intention.

We will partner up to exchange bodywork so wear comfortable clothing, preferably long pants and sleeves. Event is held monthly and each session will be useful on its own while building on previous modules.

Pricing: $35

Contact Lev Pasikhov for more details.

This workshop is held on the first sunday of each month.


Roots to Crown


Roots to Crown is a transformational event venue and community center offering space for the growing health-conscious community to gather, connect, practice, and celebrate life.

We envision a world where everyone feels safe, loved and supported in embodying their fullest expression and actualizing their greatest potential.

We are located at:

1741 1st Ave N

St. Petersburg

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