The Florida Center for Capoeira Winter event




We're excited to be a part of The Florida Center for Capoeira Winter Event 2024!
Saturday - Jan 13th
Evening Session
4:30pm - Movie+ mento
Interactive Cinematic Experience
6:30pm - Ecstatic Dance
8:00pm - Samba/Capoeira Roda + Live music
Immerse yourself into rhythm, warmth, movement, and spirit. 🎶
Limited spots are available !!
We envision a weekend where harmony, diversity, and shared joy take center stage in a learning and growing atmosphere.
Be part of the joy of camaraderie and Creating extraordinary moments together. 🤸‍♀️🌴
Stay tuned for the detailed schedule - Our next adventure is just around the corner!
Event Details:
Date: January 12-14th, 2024
• $150 for Full Event Weekend
$30 OFF Early Bird Registration - exp. jaunary 10th.
*** Promo Code: WinterBird ***
• One Class - $40
• 1 Session - $70
• 1 Day - $100
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