The WORD - Memorial Day Show




What more memorable way could you spend your Memorial Day than with the first showcase of The Word? Join us for an unforgettable celebration of conscious creation, where music, poetry, and spoken word collide to create something truly magical. Featuring performances by Vejji King, Kris Cherry, Mean Mo, Ananda rose, and Midknight sol, these creators are about to shake up the status quo and usher in vibrations of a new earth.
<p>With their powerful words and soulful beats, these artists will inspire you to tap into your own inner voice and share your truth with the world. You'll feel the energy of the crowd as we come together to celebrate the power of lyrical magik and the limitless potential of human expression.Join us in witnessing this miracle of conscious creation and connect with like-minded souls passionate about the power of the word to change the world. Let's make this Memorial Day one to remember!</p>
<p>$18 Early Bird (until 5/22)</p>
<p>$22 Regular (until 5/29)</p>
<p>$30 Gate Price</p>
<p>Crown Pricing: 50% off</p>

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