Voice Lab




Come one, come all to a warm and welcoming exploratory space, where your voice and song are perfect exactly the way it is.
Everyone has a song to sing. Whether you consider yourself a prolific musician, a shower singer, or have never sung a note in your life, you have something to share with us, and we want to hear it.
We’ll start with some breathing and long tones to get into an expressive and playful spirit, and then we’ll move into some traditional “circle singing” exercises, connecting our voices and improvising together to make harmonies and little ditties that fit together, finding the music between us.
This workshop is for you if:
* you want to feel free to express yourself with your voice
* you want to learn how to improvise vocally with other people
* you’re interested in deep listening and connection with a warm and welcoming group
* your inner child wants space to play and be goofy and expressive!
Come play! We can’t wait to welcome you and your voice.
Price: Donation based!
We suggest $11 - $22 for this experience!
No one turned away for lack of funds.
Stick around After for our Soul Shine Open Mic!
About the Facilitators
This workshop is led by Sophia Ciocca & Auria Faith, switching off each week.
About Sophia Ciocca
Over the past 10 years, SOPHIA CIOCCA has been weaving her own practice of inner exploration, shadow work, and embodiment with the remarkable experience of creating music, both alone and with others. She believes there is nothing more powerful than a human being finding their voice, and that working with the singing voice can bring drastic expansion and capacity for all forms of self-expression. She is a huge proponent of play as a spiritual practice, and in her experience, there is nothing more joyful than improvising with other human beings as a way to tap into the latent life force in every single moment.
About Auria Faith
Auria Faith is a Dream Voice & Dream Life Activation Coach who believes in a world where people can experience their dream life by using their voice. With 29 years of experience as a singer, songwriter, and musician, Auria has explored many avenues of the voice; from classical, to rock bands, to singing in the Disney Choir. She holds 5 certifications in holistic health & wellness, providing valuable insights into the study of deepening the relationship with all aspects of the voice. Auria offers both group and individual sessions that teach students to deepen their relationship with their voice through mantra, meditation, toning, visualization, sound making, and physical movements. Her individual sessions focus on vocal psychotherapy, mental, emotional, energetic, and physical blockages, as well as honing specific vocal training skills to increase confidence and self-compassion. Auria is now booking individual sessions for March and can be contacted through Instagram @Reclaim_Love_Movement.
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